Choir Members

  • Alison Baily Alison Baily
    Alison has been singing and playing music since she was a small child.  She spent many years playing cello in the Tasmanian Youth Orchestra, as well as in amateur musical theatre, community choirs and bands.  Alison spent five years singing with Sydney a cappella group The Cleftomanics before moving to… Read more >
  • Amy De Roma Amy De Roma
    Amy is a soprano vocalist who has loved performing in choirs and a cappella groups from a very young age. Amy enjoys singing and songwriting in the styles of pop, funk, soul, folk and over the last five years has discovered her favourite genre to perform is Latin Jazz. In… Read more >
  • Blake Walsh Blake Walsh
    Blake has distinguished himself as an avid performer since he begun singing at the age of eight. Originally pursuing his vocal interests within the Hip Hop Genre, he has recently ventured into the 'acappella' realm, where he intends to deliver his 'Doo's' and 'Bah's' with just as much voracious enthusiasm!… Read more >
  • Dylan Curnow Dylan Curnow
    Dylan started learning piano aged 4. When he was 13, he was lucky to become a student of Gabriella Pusner and studyed classical piano with her until he finished his music degree 10 years later. During this time, Dylan developed a love of blues & roots, jazz and singing, and… Read more >
  • Jesse Matthews Jesse Matthews
    Jesse has been performing since the age of 5. He has sung with several vocal groups including the Queensland Youth Choir, where he had the opportunity to sing with Michael Crawford during his Australian Tour. Over the last few years Jesse has taken leading roles in productions such as The… Read more >
  • Lorraine Ellis Lorraine Ellis
    'Rain is one of Isabella's graduate members who studied Japanese at SCU. She has a love of vocal harmonies from growing up in a singing family in Canada. 'Rain also has a background in madrigals and woodwind instruments and sings with The Headliners, a women's barbershop chorus. Read more >
  • Sarah Grant Sarah Grant
    Sarah lives and breathes to perform. Growing up in the Northern Rivers, she worked with the theatre group Theatre Theatre productions, firstly as a young actor and now as a mentor to young actors. She studied classical music as a mezzo soprano until 2006 which gave her the opportunity to… Read more >
  • Victoria Szabo Victoria Szabo
    Hi! I’m Vic and I love to sing! I’m a soprano in Isabella A Capella and have been in the group since 2010! I've been on two tours to Japan with the group and have loved every minute and have many fond memories which I cherish :) Music has always… Read more >

The project "Singing For Our Sister: The 50th Anniversary Tour" is supported by the Commonwealth through the Australia-Japan Foundation which is part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade